Accessing your files on StudentWeb Using ftp


There are 3 ways you can access your files on StudentWeb using ftp:


1)   Using a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox)

2)   Using an ftp client (FileZilla)

3)   Creating an ftp folder in My Network Places


1) Internet Explorer & Firefox


a) Internet Explorer - Enter the URL
Firefox - Enter the URL ftp://<username>





b) Enter your username and password in the logon box. (Firefox users will only need to enter a password)




2) FileZilla


FileZilla Is a free ftp client that supports TSL security.

It can be downloaded from


a) Once you have downloaded and installed FileZilla enter the following:

Host: enter

Enter you username and password

Port: leave this field blank

Click Quickconnect



3) Creating a StudentWeb FTP Folder


a) Open My Computer in the Start Menu.


b) Click on My Network Places.


c) Click on Add a network place.


d) Click on Next to continue.


e) Click on Choose another network location and then click Next.


f) Type in the Internet or network address box.

Then click Next.



g) Uncheck Log on anonymously. Click Next.

 h) The name for this network place will already be entered. Click Next. 



i) Click Finish.



j) The folder now appears in My Network Places. Double

click to open.



k) Enter your username and password in the Log On As box and Click Log On.